Epic Tech Group

Live Streaming & Beyond:

AV Technology for Your House of Worship

Inspire deeper connections, share your message with clarity, and create a welcoming environment for your congregation with innovative AV & IT solutions from Epic Tech Group.

At Epic Tech Group, we understand the power of technology to enhance worship experiences. Our mission is to help you:

Connect with Your Congregation: Utilize technology to create a more engaging and interactive worship experience for all ages.

Elevate Worship Services: Equip your worship team with high-quality audio-visual tools to deliver a clear and impactful message.

Enhance Live Streaming & Online Ministry: Reach a wider audience and connect with members who cannot attend services in person.

Foster Community & Communication: Utilize technology to streamline communication, share announcements, and build a stronger sense of community within your house of worship.

Our House of Worship AV & IT Solutions Include:

Audio & Video Systems
Design & Installation:

We design and install professional audio and video systems tailored to the unique size and layout of your worship space.

  • High-definition projection systems and screens
  • Crystal-clear sound systems with microphones and speakers

Live Streaming & Recording Equipment

Equip your house of worship to live stream services, special events, and educational programs to a wider audience.

Digital Signage & Display Solutions

Enhance communication and share announcements, lyrics, sermons, and inspirational messages with digital signage displays throughout your space.

Stage Lighting & Control Systems

Create a dynamic atmosphere and enhance the visual impact of your worship services with professional stage lighting systems.

Ready to transform your house of worship and create a more inspiring and engaging worship experience?