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Create a Competitive Edge:

Invest in Innovative AV & IT Solutions

At Epic Tech Group, we understand the critical role technology plays in today's business environment. Our mission is to help you:

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Enhance Communication & Collaboration:

Foster seamless communication and collaboration across teams and departments with our integrated AV and IT solutions.

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Boost Productivity & Efficiency:

Streamline workflows, optimize processes, and empower your employees with user-friendly technology.

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Create a Modern & Engaging Workspace:

Design and install cutting-edge AV systems for conference rooms, training facilities, and huddle spaces to enhance meetings and presentations.

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Improve Decision-Making:

Facilitate data visualization and information sharing with high-quality video conferencing and digital signage solutions.

We design and install cutting-edge technology solutions for your business:

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Effortless Collaboration: Seamless video conferencing, interactive displays, and high-quality audio for impactful meetings and presentations.

Strategic Communication: Digital signage for company updates, data visualizations, and wayfinding.

Rock-Solid IT: Design, build, and maintain robust networks for smooth data flow and application accessibility.

Unified Communications: Integrated phone systems, video conferencing, instant messaging, and automated paging for efficient communication.

Smart Automation: User-friendly control systems for AV, lighting, temperature, and more, all from one central hub or mobile device.

Effortless Content Sharing: Distribute presentations, training materials, and live video feeds throughout your facility.

Enhanced Security: High-definition video surveillance with remote access for monitoring, theft deterrence, and overall security.

Secure Access Control: Keyless access system with key cards, fobs, or smartphone integration for improved security and peace of mind.

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Our Corporate AV & IT Solutions

Conference Room Design & Installation: Create state-of-the-art conference rooms with video conferencing systems, interactive displays, and high-fidelity audio for impactful meetings and presentations.


Digital Signage & Wayfinding: Enhance communication and streamline visitor experiences with strategically placed digital signage displays showcasing:

  • Company information & announcements
  • Real-time data & metrics
  • Wayfinding & directional maps

Unified Communications: Facilitate seamless communication across your organization with integrated solutions including:

  • Phone systems
  • Video conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Automated paging systems for efficient announcements


Automation Control Systems: Simplify and streamline control of your AV and IT environment with user-friendly automation systems:

  • Manage lighting, temperature, audio-visual equipment, and more from a central hub or mobile device.
  • Facilitate one-touch operation for presentations and meetings.
  • Enhance energy efficiency by automating power management.

Video Distribution: Effortlessly distribute high-definition video content throughout your entire facility with advanced video distribution systems:

  • Share presentations, training materials, and live video feeds across multiple locations.
  • Enhance employee engagement and communication with real-time information sharing.


HD Video Surveillance System: Increase security and peace of mind with a high-definition video surveillance system, including:

  • Strategically placed indoor and outdoor cameras with high-resolution recording.
  • Remote access to live and recorded footage for monitoring purposes.
  • Deter theft and vandalism and enhance overall workplace security.

Video Conferencing System: Hold productive and engaging meetings with clients, partners, and remote teams using high-quality video conferencing systems.

  • Experience crystal-clear audio and video for seamless communication regardless of location.
  • Increase collaboration and productivity with a face-to-face virtual meeting experience.


Key Access System: Implement a secure and efficient keyless access control system for your workplace:

  • Grant access to authorized personnel using key cards, fobs, or smartphone integration.
  • Improve security and track employee activity for enhanced peace of mind.
  • Simplify access control and eliminate the need for physical keys.

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